Why the Patriots are the Spurs of the NFL

For a couple months now I’ve been saying to my friends that the New England Patriots & San Antonio Spurs are the same team just play different sports. They mostly agree with the fact that both teams have consistently been top level for a little more than a decade. But I’m going to take the next few paragraphs to further elaborate on the other key elements of why these two teams are pretty much splitting images of each other.

Consistent Winning

Both coach Belichick (Patriots coach) & coach Popovich (Spurs coach) have had marvelous coaching careers. They have both built dominant teams that have spanned the entire 2000’s. I have never witnessed any other two teams who are literally always in championship contention no matter what other teams have done, or if they analysts sleep on them and think this is the year they fall off they find away to dominate. Even when injuries come out and would cripple most teams it has minimal impact on these two.


Coaching Style

Even though the NFL & NBA are completely different sports in almost every way these two coaches have a similar approach to coaching. They are the ultimate masters at getting players to perform at peak level for them. Maybe it’s their abilities to use players to fit their schemes, maybe the fact that they always have a chance at winning a championship. Whatever it is it has worked flawlessly.

Not to mention these are defensive minded coaches who have adopted to the modern game while still perfectly meshing their styles into it & have had some the greatest offenses performances in both league’s histories.


Iconic Player/Coach Relationship 

Belichick/Brady. Popovich/Duncan. These names are synonymous with each other. They have broke records, won championships & will forever be linked with each other when talking about great coach player relationships. Both coaches drafted these players and gave them the keys to their franchises & have never looked back.


These are just the main reasons why these two teams are one in the same. The list could go on for hours but we will just leave it as this. Pats are the Spurs of the NFL no argument about that.



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