Dear Odell

Odell Beckham Jr of the New York Giants is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular NFL Wide Receiver’s to ever play the game. At just 24 years old & 3 seasons into his career, he has already broken several NFL records & is pretty much already the most prolific wide-out in his team’s history. But with all those accolades also brings along a tremendous amount of pressure under an enormously large spotlight. We’ve seen this in the past with other star receivers (T.O. Ocho Cinco) and we’ve seen where this path has led. OBJ, this is just here to refresh your memory.



Extra Pressure

When being a polarizing athlete who is widely popular, your every move is picked apart and scrutinized. Unfair as it is this is a social media era where the media & fans will go hard on you for every little thing you do, no matter how minor. That is how OBJ has been a topic of discussion after every game his team has played this past season. Whether it is the early season “net scandal” that literally had articles written about his so-called strange relationship with the kicking net. As entertaining as those interactions were that shows the lighthearted  part of what OBJ deals with. The other side of that coin is when he plays bad or his team loses the scrutiny he gets is far greater than for most players.

This whole boat scandal were Odell & his fellow receiver’s went to Miami and were hanging out before their playoff game had absolutely nothing to do with the Giants losing to the Packers this past Sunday. But when you are Odell & you are known for spectacular catches & you have a sub-par game, where you also happened to drop some passes. The world is going to look at that trip & say you weren’t focused, you didn’t really want to win. As sad as that is that is the pressure Odell has put on himself with his amazing performances.


Terell Owens (left) Chad Ocho Cinco (right)


Whether it’s the touchdown celebrations, (similar to Ocho Cinco’s in the past) reactions to losing (Similar to Owens) or the ability to break any play into a touchdown. (similar to Desean Jackson) We have seen fellow receiver’s popularity & production grow, & with that growth we’ve seen problems arise with head coaches. There’s a popular feeling in pro sports that talent & winning will outweigh any problems a team may have. However once a player starts to decline or (& this is the big one) a team starts losing those problems become to big and somebody has to be made the scapegoat for why the team is not performing at a high level. I want to make this clear this is where OBJ needs to be careful.

History has shown us that the moment a team starts losing and they have one of the “primadonna” receivers on your team they will be blamed for chemistry issues and being selfish. We’ve seen it numerous times with T.O. & just recently with Desean Jackson & the Eagles. The fans and media believe it because the wide receiver culture is a selfish one by nature. Even though they are the only players on a team that have to depend on someone else getting them involved in a play & they still may not get thrown the ball when all that happens.


Taking hold of your actions

When it’s all said & done OBJ can go down the T.O. & Ocho path & get blackballed by the league when they deem him not worthy of the problems. Or he can go down the Desean Jackson path. D-Jax realized what Philly was trying to do to him & has been much more mature on & off the field with Washington that he has shed a lot of that scrutiny he had prior to his arrival.

OBJ has all the talent to become a top 5 receiver of all time. He just needs to be aware of what’s at stake. Your legacy, not to mention you haven’t even signed your big money contract yet & we’ve seen the Giants already try to throw him under the bus. Teams will hold maturity over your head when it comes to how much guaranteed money they’ll be giving you.

Odell take control, & prove all the doubters wrong.


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