The Re-emergence of Black Love

Lately as I look through all of my social media apps I’ve been noticing a  trend that has brought joy to my heart. All the black love going around from friends, colleagues, all the way to black celebrities. Seeing this has made me so happy, so proud because it has brought me back to a 1990’s vibe. (you know the golden age for everything Black) I felt it was only right that I open up Black History Month with a blog about all this beautiful black magic going around.

At a time when all types of stuff is being accepted as a norm in society, being black is still arguably the #1 target of any minority group around the globe. From the self hate of skin bleaching, bashing darker skin & wanting “exotic” babies. All the way to the racial hate & disadvantage we face from other races. There’s plenty of things going against the feeling of being black & proud nowadays. But with all the bad we have encountered especially the recent heightened killing of black men at the hands of police officers, one thing has been on display. All these negatives have slowly brought us back together as a people.


When social media is used right it can have such a positive impact on society. I have seen this countless times over the past year as there are more Instagram pages of black art (@creatortea), or black history. Even pages devoted strictly to displaying local black businesses (@supportblacktoronto). Every time I sign onto Facebook or Twitter I see more praise for our melanin skin. That is a big thing because a couple of years ago I would rarely see praise for having dark skin, especially from black men who happened to be dark-skinned. All that would be seen is jokes about being too dark & a bunch of negativity towards dark skin women.

This goes deeper than social media too. When I talk to co-workers, friends, family, I see that they are noticing it as well. I had a colleague tell me she is proud now but 4 years ago she hated being dark, that people weren’t talking about melanin like they are doing now.

The feeling is hitting celebrities more than ever. We’ve seen friends call each other out for being oblivious to our plights (T.I. to Lil Wayne) we are seeing more celebs speak up about issues that in the past they wouldn’t go near (Kaepernick taking a knee against injustice to black youth) & we have seen the positive impact that can be made when we promote each other, Danny Glover shouting out the Migos at the Golden Globes opened up several more doors for them to a wider audience.


More black women are embracing their natural hair, more black men are being shown in a positive light as business men, fathers, students etc. We are even getting more theatrical black movies (Hidden Figures, Fences, Black Panther soon) several hit tv shows with black ensemble casts. (Power, Luke Cage, Black-ish) It feels as if we are going back to that era when black culture was accepted.

Though we still have a long way to go. More black businesses (Like owning our hair businesses not going to places like B.S.W), continuing to appreciate our skin tone, breaking down more barriers etc. But I must say this is feeling like a perfect time to be Black & Proud.




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