The Misconception of being Whitewashed

A few days ago a came across a video on Facebook about what makes a black person whitewashed. In that short video I noticed certain comments to be quite disturbing & to be quite honest, a little false. The same old “he talks properly, or gets good grades” argument was being brought up. However I feel as though that has changed over the past 5 years.


When folks have considered a black person of being whitewashed it was usually associated with talking without slang, being educated, not being in the streets etc. But times have changed & that was more in the past. If you look around over the past 5 years whether through social media or the real world you will see that there are more black people in college, dressing in more tight fitted clothing, at a play. But nothing about them makes you say they are white washed.

Nobody calls Michael Eric Dyson (a famous academic) whitewashed & he is highly educated & promotes education whenever he gets the chance. I don’t hear anybody calling ESPN’s Michael Wilbon a “corny whitewashed brotha” even though he speaks extremely well, highly educated & has a good job.


ESPN’s Michael Wilbon

Let’s take this a little further. Several rap artists including 50 Cent & Gucci Mane constantly show that they read books & study to become better business men. Not a single black person I met has ever referred to either of those two men as acting “white” or being “sellouts”. I know real bad guys that are in college right now, get good grades, dress in professional attire & nobody thinks or calls them corny brothas.

People who still think that way need to kill that noise.


What does make one whitewashed

If you have watched the ESPN documentary series “O.J.: Made in America” you will truly realize what a whitewashed black person is. A person who acts like they aren’t black, or tries to distance themselves from the plight we face everyday. People who forget where they came from or what they are once they get rich.

A whitewashed black person in simple terms is a person who has no sense of black culture. You can just tell a whitewashed person when you see & speak to them. It’s the vibe they give off. In my opinion a Stacey Dash or Raven Symone are whitewashed. Don Lemon from CNN. These are perfect examples. But to still hold these past due views of being educated & not carrying on in ghetto fashion means you are being whitewashed is ridiculous.

What do you think? Feel free to disagree with me on this but I feel black people have moved way beyond this misguided view that you “aren’t black” if you get good grades or get a job & not want to be a drug dealer or rapper or pimp.




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