This Off-season Bring Vince Home

With his recent announcement saying he can still play for two more years, Vince Carter made it clear he still has a lot left in the tank. As a matter of fact his play this past season proved this to be true. The man widely considered the greatest dunker of all time was a reliable contributor off the bench for the Memphis Grizzlies. The 40 year old averaged 8points 3rebs & shot 37.8% from 3, played solid defense & showed several flashes of why he is the king of dunks.

All this brings me to the main reason for this article. This off-season is the perfect time for Vince to return back to the team it all started with, the Toronto Raptors.

Need New Role Players

One thing I think all Raptors fans can agree on is no matter how this years playoffs go, key players on the team will be gone in the off-season. With Tucker, Ibaka, Lowry & Patterson all free agents after this year it is clear to those who have been watching that 2Pat is the most likely one on the move out of that bunch. Couple that with the fact that there is a high chance that either Carroll &/or Cory Joseph could be moved in the off-season to make way for emerging young stars Delon Wright & Norman Powell.

Who better than to fill that void in the G/SF position than the player formerly known as “Air Canada”? He is a proven player with solid defensive skills, & he can help spread the floor as a consistent 3 point shooter which is imperative in today’s NBA.

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Chicago Bulls


Veteran Contributors

With the Raptors cap situation as sticky as it already is, just keeping the core together will be hard enough. But if there is a silver lining that we have seen utilized by the best teams in the league. The trend of solid veteran players joining a team at a reasonable price to help compete for a ring. We have seen this work wonders when the Cavs used Richard Jefferson as a key figure to them winning the championship last year.

Bringing Vince in that role could do wonders for the team. He’d be cheap, has playoff experience & could be that veteran presence every elite team has.


Nostalgia Factor

The main reason the Raptors should bring Vinsanity back into the mix is the nostalgia effect that goes with it. Throwback Vince jerseys would start flying off the shelves again, & just to be honest. When Vince retires what jersey will he be going to the hall of fame in? What jersey would he be most remembered in? It will be that Toronto Raptors jersey. It’s what he wore when he brought by the dunk contest from the abyss, it’s what he wore when he put Canada basketball on the map. It’s what he wore during most of his most memorable in game dunks & performances.

To top it all off. It would just be the Canadian thing to do. #BringVinceback



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