Making A Statement

If you’ve been watching this year in the NBA you know that the Cavs & Warriors have been on a collision course to a rubber match in the Finals. But if you’ve been paying close attention to how both teams have performed during these playoffs you’ll notice that the battle between these two juggernauts has already begun.

Every win by one of them is matched by the other. Both teams have started these playoffs 8-0. They are making it look easy by seemingly flipping the switch & going to a next level on their opponents whenever they please. This is not to discredit their competition this is just low key statements they are making towards each other.

The latest chapter to this rivalry that has spawned the past 3 NBA seasons & most likely will be a 3rd straight NBA Finals match-up this year, has come from none other that Draymond Green himself. After defeating the Utah Jazz on Monday Draymond started blatantly poking the bear that is Lebron James, suggesting that the Cavs have faced inferior competition compared to them. We all know the media will ask Lebron and company how they feel about those remarks stirring more animosity & anticipation towards their potential impending match-up in June.

Keep your eyes open for the Conference Finals when both teams have another chance to one up each other before the showdown the basketball world is waiting for goes down. It leads to more hot topics for us to discuss, making it all the more exciting if/when they do meet up in June.



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