Preview & Prediction: Celtics vs Cavs

Coming off the heels of a thrilling game 7 victory over the Washington Wizards on Monday night. The Boston Celtics prepare for their first Eastern Conference Finals appearance since the 2012, the last season of the Original Big 3. Similar to that team in 2012, the opponent for this year’s Celtics happens to be none other than Lebron James.

While nobody outside of the Boston faithful believe the Celtics will upset the Cavs & make a trip to the NBA Finals. The belief is this series will be competitive & make the Cavs have to work for their 3rd straight trip to the Finals.

Unlike the Pacers, The Celtics have the depth to truly challenge Cleveland, & unlike the Raptors the Celtics are going into this series healthy, & fully believing they can make history by ending the defending champs dreams of going back-to-back.


My personal opinion is that Boston needs to win game 1 to have any shot at pulling off the upset. The Cavs haven’t played a game since May 7th. By the time they tip off that will be 10 days off. Meanwhile during that time the Celtics were in a heated battle that just concluded. They still have momentum on their side, this is why game 1 is their best opportunity to strike while the Cavs may be fighting off some rust.

The Celtics struggled on the road vs Washington, losing all 3 of their road games. Winning in Cleveland will prove to be much harder than that. Their best bet to win this series is to control home court, losing game 1 would be a killer blow & halt all the momentum they’ve just built from their game 7 victory.

bron brron

The Cavs dominated the regular season series 3-1 & the last game they played against each other. Lebron, Kyrie & company are on a path to destiny. I personally don’t see this being a close series, especially if Boston drops game 1 at home. I see the Cavs dominating this series, not as much as the Raptors series but don’t be surprised if this ends up in a sweep & the much anticipated Finals match-up between the Cavs & Warriors.

Final prediction Cavs win this series 4-1.



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