NFL’s hypocrisy regarding Kaepernick

To any football fan it is old news that Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent, and to be honest it’s starting to become exhausting that this is still news. But with the latest injuries to quarterbacks Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens & Ryan Tannenhill of the Miami Dolphins. We have witnessed two opportunities for Kaepernick & yet those teams chose to make baffling moves instead. The Ravens still haven’t made a serious decision but went so far as to sign some guy from an indoor football league instead of Kaep, and the Dolphins considered Christian Ponder out of all people.

I’ve stayed away from this topic but today we address the hypocrisy the NFL & its fans are showing towards a player who has truly done absolutely nothing wrong.

The Production Argument 

Throughout this entire off-season we have seen countless analysts & players all debate about Kaep’s production the last 2 seasons being the reason he is still unsigned. While that may be true about his injury filled 2015 campaign (1,615 yards passing, 6TD’s & 5INT’s), this can’t be said about last season (2,241 yards passing, 16TD’s & 4INT’s). His wins/losses was horrible last year but if we are talking about production being the reason & not his national anthem protest, then why in the world would the Dolphins even consider Ponder over Kaepernick? A QB who hasn’t even thrown a pass since the 2014 season, & when he was throwing passes he wasn’t very good (38career TD’s & 36career INT’s).

Then comes who the Dolphins actually signed. The one & Only Jay Cutler. A man who had a career high 26INT’s his first year in Chicago. A man who has only 1 playoff appearance & hasn’t been back since 2011. Let’s put this into perspective. Kaep’s career high for INT’s is 10. They say Cutler fits the Dolphins system. It is true his former coach is the coach of the Dolphins, but analysts are raving over Cutler having a career year under Coach Gase in 2015 (3,659 yards 21TD’s). What they fail to also say is that year he still threw 11INT’s, loss 9 games & still didn’t make the playoffs. Beyond that he is a QB with  a reputation for being lazy & was famously called out by former player Martellus Bennett for being the worst QB in the league & said that he is pretty much coming out of retirement to make his wife Happy.

NFL Player Jay Cutler

Fans showing true Colors

People make it seem as if Kaepernick has committed a crime when in all actuality he was just expressing his views in a peaceful protest. Former Eagles President Joe Banner said the team didn’t consider fan reaction when they signed Mike Vick who was famously put in jail for dog fighting. But for some reason the Ravens are listening to fans that let’s be honest probably have a racist reason as to not want Kaepernick on the team. I don’t recall these same Ravens fans protesting the team keeping Ray Lewis on the roster when he was helping them compete for championships. Mind you Ray Lewis was under investigation for Murder. Colin has only brought light on cops killing innocent black men.

Let’s take this a little further with the fans. Ben Rothlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers has twice been accused of sexual assault, & was even suspended for 4 games because of the accusations. His own team President Art Rooney II, terminated a sponsorship deal Big Ben had. But I’ve never seen any fan protests or resistance towards the the Steelers continuing to employ him.


Real Message being shown

The message being shown is you can commit a crime and the fans & teams will stand behind you, but stand up for civil rights & you will be punished. Both the NFL owners & fans have been blatantly showing their true colors & casting another ugly cloud over the perception of this league. Players are starting to speak out about the message owners are trying to send to them by not signing Colin.

It resonates with words Jamie Foxx’s character Willie Beamen said in the movie Any Given Sunday. “Maybe it’s not racism it’s placism. A brotha needs to know his place.”



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