Why the Patriots are the Spurs of the NFL

For a couple months now I’ve been saying to my friends that the New England Patriots & San Antonio Spurs are the same team just play different sports. They mostly agree with the fact that both teams have consistently been top level for a little more than a decade. But I’m going to take the next few paragraphs to further elaborate on the other key elements of why these two teams are pretty much splitting images of each other.

Consistent Winning

Both coach Belichick (Patriots coach) & coach Popovich (Spurs coach) have had marvelous coaching careers. They have both built dominant teams that have spanned the entire 2000’s. I have never witnessed any other two teams who are literally always in championship contention no matter what other teams have done, or if they analysts sleep on them and think this is the year they fall off they find away to dominate. Even when injuries come out and would cripple most teams it has minimal impact on these two.


Coaching Style

Even though the NFL & NBA are completely different sports in almost every way these two coaches have a similar approach to coaching. They are the ultimate masters at getting players to perform at peak level for them. Maybe it’s their abilities to use players to fit their schemes, maybe the fact that they always have a chance at winning a championship. Whatever it is it has worked flawlessly.

Not to mention these are defensive minded coaches who have adopted to the modern game while still perfectly meshing their styles into it & have had some the greatest offenses performances in both league’s histories.


Iconic Player/Coach Relationship 

Belichick/Brady. Popovich/Duncan. These names are synonymous with each other. They have broke records, won championships & will forever be linked with each other when talking about great coach player relationships. Both coaches drafted these players and gave them the keys to their franchises & have never looked back.


These are just the main reasons why these two teams are one in the same. The list could go on for hours but we will just leave it as this. Pats are the Spurs of the NFL no argument about that.


Give it a Rest

For the past several NBA seasons there has been a growing trend that has been upsetting for the fans. Resting players.

This trend started a few seasons back when coach Greg Popovich decided to start resting his aging veterans Tim Duncan & Manu Ginobili. This angered the league as coach Popovich would rest these players (who also happen to be global stars of the sport) on nationally televised games. We all brushed it off as coach Pop doing whatever he wants but little did we know teams and stars around the league would take note of that move, & began implementing it themselves.

This is not to knock any coaches who use this strategy. We understand the reasons for it. (Preserving your stars health for the playoffs) However it is becoming somewhat of a diss to the fans who dish out their hard earned money to watch the stars of their favorite team play. Whether it be season ticket holders or the waiter who only goes to a couple games a year, they pay to see the stars like Lebron play. Not bench warmers and rookies the average fan has never heard of…No offense to James Jones or Key Felder.


Resting Issues for fans

Let’s be clear if this was the end of the season final game or 2 of the regular season we understand this may happen. Playoffs around the corner don’t want anybody to tweak anything. But “nah” teams are resting players in December. Really. Barely a quarter into the season there is no justification for this. Playoff spots haven’t been clinched so why rob the fans who are watching at home or in the arena from seeing the players they probably paid some coin to see play. Or how about resting players who aren’t even sniffing 30 years old *Cough Kyrie Cough*

I think the biggest disrespect from teams doing this is that they are resting their stars for road games. Away fans only get 1 or 2 opportunities to see these special players perform. Not to mention ticket prices go up tremendously when games vs teams like the Cavs & Warriors come into town. For the coach to rest them and pretty much finesse (rob) the fans of what they paid for. Ultimate disrespect.

Other Leagues

This is not an issue for any other sport outside of the NBA. NHL players also play 82 games and they are in a contact sport, but they aren’t doing this. Excluding pitchers this is not a trend in the MLB. NFL would never even consider this. So why is it okay for the NBA? A league that arguably benefits the most off of their stars being seen and known globally.

NFL players know they have to perform or risk getting replaced or getting cut and losing a large amount of money. Maybe that is the problem with the NBA. Contracts are guaranteed, & with less than average players taking in $10 million annually, players feel like psssh I got my money. I’m bless.

The NBA needs to step in and do something to rectify this from continuing. Maybe fining teams could go along way. Or maybe fans should start asking for refunds. Maybe then it’ll make teams think twice about resting.

Never Forget. Kobe did it Better

With Klay Thompson’s eruption of 60 points in 3 quarters last night vs the Indiana Pacers. He has proven once again that he is undoubtedly one of the game’s deadliest scorers. As impressive as that performance was, it brought me back to a time when the man known as “The Black Mamba” performed that same feat.

December 20th 2005

Coming off of a loss the previous night to the Houston Rockets, Kobe Bryant wanted to make a statement & he made sure to do just that. Kobe Preceded to torch the Dallas Mavericks on tune to outscoring the Mavs himself 62-61 at the end of the 3 quarters. Yes you seen that right, Kobe outscored an entire team through 3 quarters. (the Lakers as a team were winning 95-61)

Now before I go into comparing the two games I am not taking away from anything Klay did. It was amazing. The fact he did it in only 29 minutes (took Kobe 33 minutes) will make some argue with me that his game was better. They are wrong.

Box score

Kobe- 62 pts. 18-31 fg. 4-10 3pt. 22-25 ft.

Klay – 60 pts.  21-33 fg. 8-13 3pt. 10-11 ft.

Looking at the box score you can see both players were in another zone. You can also see that Kobe benefited way more from free throw attempts, while Klay got an extra bump from 3. but when you dive deeper you realize what Kobe did just shouldn’t of been capable of happening.

The Lakers of the 2005-06 season wasn’t a team of many stars. There was only one alpha, The Mamba. Meaning teams could focus entire game plans on stopping Kobe by any means necessary. Which is exactly what the Mavericks attempted to do. From double teams, zone defense, even trapping him backcourt. none of this worked. Klay has been able to benefit off of the fact that teams cannot solely focus on him with 3 other alphas beside him. (Steph Curry, Kevin Durant & Draymond Green) 2 of them (Curry & Durant) who are arguably better scorers than Klay himself, & can just as easily have a game like he had.

Another reason Kobe’s performance was out of this world was that he was single handedly was beating the entire Dallas Mavericks team by himself. (62-61) I don’t think people realize how hard that is to do, especially against a Dallas team that was a perennial 50 win team at the time.

Lastly the main reason Kobe did it better, was simply the team he was playing with while accomplishing this task. Do the names Smush Parker, Chris Mihm and Kwame Brown ring bells for you? If so you don’t need me to explain, if not. You are lucky you didn’t have to suffer as we did.

Klay deserves a ton of praise. Just never forget the day The Mamba did it better.




Jeff Fisher: The NFL’s Ultimate Theif

You have heard that Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher received a contract extension early Sunday morning. (two years $16 million to be exact) If you were confused about this you weren’t the only one. Somehow coach Fisher has been able to consistently trick the NFL into paying him time and time again. In a league were coaches get fired like there was a sale for them, Fisher has been able to skate on by punishment free even though he is currently on pace for his 5th straight losing season.

All rappers and trappers need to take note on how coach Fisher has become the finesser of the decade.



Lack of Success

It comes as no surprise that Jeff Fisher has had troubles consistently winning football games. (Once more 5 straight losing seasons) But if you look even further back in his career you would be amazed he is still a sought after coach. He has been a head coach in the NFL since 1994 and yet has only made the playoffs 6 times (Yes I did say 6) in that 22 year span, 1 Super Bowl appearance back when people still used pagers, (1999)  Not to mention only 2 playoff appearances since the 2003 season (Hasn’t made it back since 08).

I know it seems like all I am doing is roasting him. But facts are facts, and the fact of the matter is, he is just not good at his job.

Lack of Development

What has really had folks baffled by the Rams decision to extend coach is his incompetence when it comes to developing any offensive member of his teams, this is especially true when it comes to the leagues most valuable position. The Quarterback.

Since he has joined the Rams in 2012 coach Fisher has managed to start 8 different QB’s, with none of them having much individual or team success. Don’t get me wrong some were not his fault (Sam Bradford) who was constantly injured every season. However when you have 8 QB’s starting throughout a 5 year playoff drought you are bordering on Cleveland Browns levels. Especially when two of them (Sam Bradford, Nick Foles) were hot commodities at the time, you are doing something wrong.

What makes it all worse is that the 3 assistant coaches that have gotten head coaching jobs off of being on his staff have a combined 52-84 record as coaches shows that even his development of coaches has been sub-par.


Former Ram Eric Dickerson says 5 years is enough


This is not just my opinion on the matter, when fans, analyst & even former players are wondering aloud if coach Fisher has something on someone in the league/organization, we can’t all be wrong. Whether it’s legendary Running back Eric Dickerson, or Los Angeles native Snoop Dogg voicing their opinions, it’s clearly obvious nobody outside of the Rams organization believes bringing Fisher back is a smart decision. In an profanity laced Instagram rant Snoop put it plainly what most fans believe when it comes to coach Fisher “he needs to go, he hasn’t won anything in 22 years & there’s 0 reason to believe he will anytime soon.

Everyone that plans on doing the bare minimum in life needs to grab a pen, notepad & take notes from Jeff Fisher on how to be mediocre at your job & still be rewarded handsomely. Coach Fisher you are the ultimate thief, you’d make Aladdin proud.